The point of having a recruiter is to find opportunities that you could not find on your own. We know that. We’ve been networking in and around the industry so we have access to positions that aren’t necessarily posted on the typical online job boards. Some of our clients come straight to us for applicants.

Transparency is key when starting off any relationship. We want you to understand each and every part of the process, our role in it and your role. Here are the answers to some questions we get frequently:

How Much Does This Cost?
As a Legacy222 premium member you are able to submit your profile to be matched to positions at no charge.

How Does It Work?
After you send us your resume, we will check our database to see which positions we have available that fit your skill set. If we don’t currently have a position, we will keep your resume on file so that when one comes up we’re able to contact you.

How Long Will It Take?
Every job search is unique. Each applicant (and client company) have specific timelines. Our job is to match those timelines up, along with the other variables so that we can place you in a position that last and that is meaningful.

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